The Power of a Bookmark (Part Dux)

So you read Amy’s story about the power of her printed bookmark.  Well, now it’s time to hear about the real, behind-the-scenes drama of that project.  Most of what I am writing is based solely upon memory that is now 6 or 7 months old.

Production of the bookmarks went smoothly.  We designed and printed it according to Amy’s specifications.  The only stipulation was that the bookmarks had to arrive at a Scottsdale, AZ hotel by Saturday, the day before Amy’s big presentation.  No problem, right?

So let’s move forward to Saturday night.  It’s a nice evening in Arkansas.  Rather muggy for spring, but still, a normal evening, with our typical Tornado Watch weather advisory.  It was “date night” for my wife and me.  I think we try this at least twice a year.  The boys were gone somewhere (doesn’t really matter where), and our daughters were staying with my folks. So date night it was.

We chose to go see the Tina Fey/Steve Carell movie, Date Night.  (See, I told you we don’t do this very often.)  So we head to the Chenal 9, buy our tickets and  popcorn, and settle in for an intimate night out alone.

Then, as if on cue, the weather sirens resound through the theatre.  Spring thunderstorms begin their all too familiar trek across the central part of our state.  For most, the sirens mean that a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, or a possible Tornado Warning has been issued.  For me, the sirens are a precursor of impending mayhem and pandemonium.  You see, our 13 year old daughter has an unparalleled fear of tornadoes.  No matter what we say or do, she is certain that every tornado is tracking directly toward our house, or wherever she may be located at the time. Since my wife and I were out, our daughter chose her favorite communication method to calmly discuss the certain doom that lie ahead.

And about that same time, another siren went off slightly further West. That would be Amy.  She just came to the realization that her bookmarks had not been found by the hotel staff.  And her presentation was the next day.

So here are some of the emails/text messages I received during this rare, carefree night out with my lovely bride.

Text from Daughter (TFD): Dad, the sirens are going off!!!

Email from Amy (EFA): Dude, don’t want to alarm you, but they can’t find my bookmarks!!!

TFD: Dad, are we going to die?

EFA: If they don’t find my bookmarks, I’m gonna die.

Quote from Movie (QFM): He turned the gun sideways! That’s a kill shot!

TFD: Dad, is the tornado heading our way?

EFA: Dude, are the bookmarks heading this way?

TFD: Dad, the sirens are really loud. I’m scared.

EFA: Dude, I’m about to scream really loud.  The bellhop looks scared.

Lady Sitting Next to Me (LSNTM): Sir, that cell phone is rather annoying.

So at this point, I try to comfort all the women I currently have a relationship with.  I leave the theatre to carry on my on-line conversations.  I tell my daughter that no, the tornados are not heading our way. (I did check the radar, and I was not telling a lie.) I told Amy that I was certain that we shipped the bookmarks to the correct hotel and I was certain that they were there somewhere. (I did call a staff member at home on a Saturday night, she did confirm, and I was not telling a lie.)

And yes, I will take my wife out again. Sometime.  In the meantime, we’re gonna rent Date Night.

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