Case Studies

Case Study: That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles with Preserve Arkansas

A case study of a sweet solution for the Arkansas Preservation Awards, in a time of social distance and zoom meetings!

Case Study: Warm Winter Fuzzies from Ouachita Baptist University

Winter break for college students is normally a lengthy vacation. I recall I always enjoyed the downtime, the home cooked meals, and the holiday. But I fondly remember that when it was time to start the spring semester, I was more than ready to return to campus. But when you add to that break, a pandemic that includes remote classes that began weeks or months before the Holiday break, the time away from campus can seem like an eternity.
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Our 2019 Resolutions

Photo of logo and brochure design for Ben E. Keith's 2015 Mid South Food Show

Ben E. Keith Eats Up their Food Show Branding

Ben E. Keith, a distributor of food service products and premium…
Photo of Ben E. Ketih sunglasses - lumpy mail

Ben E. Keith Uses Lumpy Mail to Increase Trade Show Appetite

BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Ben E. Keith, a distributor of food service…

SignsXM Launches with Out-of-the-Box Lumpy Mail

BUSINESS OBJECTIVES CustomXM added a new division, SignsXM.…

The $1,000,000 News Conference

SignsXM helps The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub create the perfect backdrop for their latest announcement.

Resurrecting Funeral Directors Association Membership

CustomXM gives membership and event attendance a boost with an integrated campaign using direct mail and email.

Add Some Bling To Your Storefront

We all know the secret to retail success - Location, Location,…

Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub Logo

CustomXM created a successful logo for The Innovation Hub that reflects its goals, target audience & mimics the exciting mission for STEAM initiatives in central Arkansas.

Seal Energy Solutions Rebranding

CustomXM updates Seal Energy Solutions visual branding elements, provides Seal with more than just a new logo, but a new feel and energy within the company

Garver Quarterly Newsletter

Garver utilizes multi-channeled marketing to find out customers communication preference.

Garver Engineering Trade Show Success!

CustomXM's campaign for a Garver Engineering trade show involved variable data printing, personalized URLs and social media to make it a success!

Lyon College

Using multi-channeled media, CustomXM helped Lyon College gain the attention of prospective students

Dixie Cafe increases customer database

Dixie Café is a restaurant chain with 23 locations throughout…

ABC Financial Services

Using our online tools, one-to-one marketing techniques and variable data printing, CustomXM has helped ABC increase the marketing services they offer to their member clubs.

Creating Value for Beef O’Bradys Customers

CustomXM created a cost-effective way to create a value experience for patrons while collecting feedback & a customer information database

Arkansas Department of Human Services

The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) was participating in the Arkansas Early Childhood Association Conference. Their goal was to introduce “Better Beginnings,” a new Quality Rating Improvement System for childcare providers.

Arkansas Democrat Gazette uses pURLS to up subscriptions

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette is a daily newspaper reaching more than 600,000 people throughout the state. It is the oldest newspaper west of the Mississippi River.
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