Christmas Cards Through the Years

As a practitioner in the graphic arts, I feel it is my sworn duty to annually produce and publsh our our family Christmas cards.  And I continue to do this, much to the chagrin of my beloved family.  So today, I invite you to take a look at Christmas cards past.  You will get a glimpse into our family, and my strange sense of Holiday Humor.

2002 – It’s Ornamental

Nothing really original here. We have four children, how do we include them all in a holiday card?  Oh yeah, silly hats and include them as ornaments. All together now…Awww.


2001 – I Heart U

While we always had the best intentions, timeliness was not always one of our strengths. We had the perfect photo: All 4 children sitting, calmly reading “The Night before Christmas.”

That, of course, made for our first and only family Valentine’s Day Card.

2004 – Rock You Like A Hurricane

Our family motto is to never let the chance to rekindle the memory of a natural disaster get in the way of a good Christmas card:

2003 – Over the River

Family vacations always offer the opportunity for that perfect group photo.  Even if the entire family is not present.  Notice how we “photoshopped” in the girls?  Our youngest knows that you would never, ever wear a tiara while whitewater rafting!

2008 – Let the Pun Begin

At some point, I thought that the use of puns would be a nice addition to our annual greetings:

2009 – More Pun Intended

Last year, we continued our use of puns, although this card had assistance from others as well:

And now, what about the card for Christmas 2010?  Heck, it’s only December 23!  You cannot rush creativity!

Wishing all of you the Best of the Holiday Season.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


 Paul Strack, CustomXM

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