The First Cut is the Deepest (Work with me, will ya?)

No, this is not a tribute to Rod Stewart. Nor is this a solution to a recurring nuisance (i.e. the dreaded paper cut) that continues to plague our industry.

Instead, it’s a mild celebration of making the first cut in a national TV contest.  ABC’s Good Morning, America recently launched a contest inviting viewers to tell them about their jobs. They asked their audience to explain, in 250 words or less, why a Good Morning America anchor should come join them for a day and work with them side-by-side.

I figured that our story was as interesting as the next person’s, so this is what I submitted:

Newspapers are folding! Print advertising is in sharp decline! Pundits are announcing the Death of Print.  And yet, as the owner of a small, second-generation family owned printing company, I still love my job.  And I challenge YOU to Work with Me, GMA! 

 Many may say I dont fit the mold for this type contest. Im a business owner making an above-average living. Is it a uniquely tough, get-your-hands-dirty type job? No.  Do I use earth-shattering never before seen technology? Nope.  

 But I am responsible for the livelihood of our twelve employees AND their families.  My business provides the continuing retirement income for my parents.  Our oldest of four children will be entering college next fall.  And I own a business whose industry is in a downward spiral, with little hope of recovery.  So while it may not be an ideal situation for a contest, it could certainly qualify for a late-night horror show!

 And yet, I love it.

Advances in technology enabled our company to transform into something completely new. Weve embraced change to become an entity that helps our clients not only use print, but to help clients us it to improve and grow their businesses.

Until recently, I had no clue what PURLs, VDP, QR, SMS or W2P meant.  Today, these exciting tools are making us uniquely successful.

Dont you want to learn more?  Sure you do, thats why I challenge you to Work with Me, GMA!

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I received a phone call from ABC News, informing me that I had made the first cut of applicants.  Out of thousands of entries, thats not too bad. What followed was a 10 minute interview, upon which they will make their final determination of the contest winners.  Who knows, maybe George Stephanopoulos will want to make a return visit to Little Rock.

So tell me, why would someone want to work with you?

Paul Strack, CustomXM