Creating Value for Beef O’Bradys Customers

Beef “O” Brady’s is a national restaurant franchise that is based on the concept of providing a neighborhood pub where friends and family can gather to enjoy good food and televised sports in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Our client is a franchisee located in Maumelle, AR in a thriving commercial area.

Beef “O” Brady’s was searching for a cost-effective way to create a “value experience” for the customer to increase customer loyalty, easily obtain customer satisfaction feedback gather valuable”opt-in” data from the customer (i.e. name, address, city, state and email address) to create a database for future marketing efforts, and promote new products offerings via the coupon give-a-ways.

Cards containing a unique URL and login password were distributed to patrons by the restaurant’s servers. The game cards directed the customers to the branded website where they were instructed to complete a questionnaire in order to be eligible for their prize. Upon completion, an email containing the “prize” coupon was automatically sent to the customer. The restaurant owner received immediate email notifications of these visits.

The program was a smashing success with over 27% of the recipients responding to the online inquiry. The restaurant owner immediately gained valuable insight about her business. The data allowed her to determine levels of customer satisfaction, frequency of customer visits, most and least popular aspects of the restaurant, and additional demographic and individual customer contact information to be used in future restaurant promotions. The owner described the program as a valuable and affordable tool for marketing and managing her establishment.