The Obligatory 2010 Review – with a Twist

(NOTE: Our resident graphic designer, Lisa, also publishes our internal newsletter.  She has a knack of entertaining us all with her unique sense of humor and perspective on company events. So rather than me writing a retrospective review of 2010, I wanted to share Lisa’s recap of 2010 that she included in our recent newsletter.)

What a year, huh? In spite of our vow not to participate in the recession, unfortunately some of our clients did, so sales were not as stellar as we would have liked. But it was still a good year, and we are staying busy. 

Besides the 16 PIAS awards, and the five NAQP awards, we received a new honor for us – Arkansas Business’  – Business of the Year (Category 1)  award. I think we will all always remember the thrill of our name being announced the winner! 

In April a security door was installed at the front door to keep out unwanteds! Customers are supposed to buzz in and then push the green button and the door simultaneously to exit. It’s amazing how such a simple concept can be so confusing!  Several customers have almost pulled their arms off trying to get in, while others don’t have struggled greatly to push the green button and the door at the same time! 

The Dino Dash was a new event. We had such high participation we won for the largest non-school team. The prize has yet to be claimed – a night out for a private party at the Museum of Discovery. We have until May, so we might need to schedule that! 

The Travs game was fun – always nice to spend time with the kids! 

We participated in the Chamber’s Bowling After Hours again this year. We looked awesome in our bowling shirts – unfortunately the judges didn’t agree and gave the prize for best shirts to some unoriginal, boring shirts.  

In September, Paul made a decision that effects his bottom in more ways than one! He decided his bottom was sitting upstairs every day! And walking up and down those stairs is giving him tight “calves”.  

Sandy moved into Paul’s old office – just took her sixteen years. She loves her new office and hasn’t let the corner office go to her head – she still talks to all of us little people! 

December brought the Christmas Party. We had a great time — more details on the back page (not available for viewing here!)

Overall, it was a good, solid year and we have high hopes for 2011!


Thank you all for a successful 2010.  Happy New Year!

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