Postal Rates to Change April 17

At least they will wait until after the April 15th Tax deadline. (Or so I thought…I was informed that the April 15th tax deadline falls on a holiday, so it will be extended until April 18th.)

In an effort to introduce a “new climate” in customer relations, US Postmaster General Pat Donahue met with mailer groups today to inform them of impending postal changes.

Simply put, this means that effective April 17, postal rates will increase.

On the upside, these changes will not affect the prices for Express Mail, Priority Mail, or single-piece First Class letters. (Postage for these letters will remain unchanged at 44 cents for retail customers.) However, postcard rates will increase by one cent to 29 cents.

Other categories of presorted mail will see price increases as well.

Finally, the original May 2011 deadline for mandatory Intelligent Mail Barcode implementation is no longer in effect.

And of course, all of this is subject to approval by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

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