Somehow I Don’t Think “Bossy” Is a Truly Effective Communication Style

Hey everyone, it’s Amy here. First, I have to say thanks to Paul for his awesome introduction. Yes, I’m blonde, and yes, I’m bossy. Those things may be part of my brand, but honestly, it’s not a contrived act. That’s why I really appreciate Paul and his willingness to work with someone like me, who’s a little bit unconventional and a little bit opinionated but who is a whole lot passionate about what she does.
Yep, just like the team at CustomXM, I’m passionate about communications. Whether it’s been writing, speaking, teaching or consulting, I’ve been involved in some form of communications throughout my career. But you know what? We all are. It’s the rare person who doesn’t use communication skills on a daily basis.

Businesses also need to be great communicators. They communicate by spreading strategic, planned messages in direct mail pieces, by having spontaneous interactions with customers, by publishing static information on a web page — it never ends. And what’s great is that these days, businesses have so many incredible new ways to communicate with existing customers, potential customers, vendors and more. And I’m excited to have the opportunity to, through this blog, share information about this field with you.

What I’ve come to learn about the CustomXM folks, both through my friendship with Paul and my experiences with them as their customer, is that they’re not just interested in encouraging businesses to spend money on print jobs. Instead, they’re interested in helping people find new, creative ways to communicate. And I’m excited to be a part of that. 

Want to explore the art of communication a bit further? CustomXM has two cool projects in the works. If you’re really interested in taking your business’ communication efforts to a new level, come learn about QR codes at the next Integrating Media luncheon on November 4. Or spend a little time thinking about what the word “communication” means to you, and capture that thought on film for our 2011 calendar photography contest

Amy Bradley-Hole

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