California Dreaming

One of the perks of working in a family owned business is the opportunity to work daily with my parents. Okay, they only come in twice a week, and we hardly ever see each other, but still. Dad still does quite a bit of the estimating and reviews our equipment needs. Mom handles the payroll and the bookkeeping duties. (Please don’t tell her I’m a CPA; I hated that stuff.)   I realize how blessed I am to be in such a situation.

A while back, we toyed with the idea of having my father be a regular contributor to a blog, or maybe a twitter account. The tentative handle would have been $%@t My Dad Prints. Well, I figured he wouldn’t go for that, so we toned it down to Stuff My Dad Prints. It kinda went on hiatus after that.

Until now.

We opted for a video blog. We wanted Dad to tell the world about some “old school” printing techniques and tools. Forget all this digital hoo-haw. First up, is the California job case. Here’s a good article that goes into great detail about the history and specifics of what is more or less a storage bin for type. But I thought that hearing, and seeing my dad’s own take on it would be more entertaining. (And stay for his last line…it’s worth it.)

So, in what we hope will be one of many educational presentations, here is Ira Strack and the California Job Case:

Now can you guess the origin of the terms “upper and lower case”?

 Paul Strack, CustomXM

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