Our Kodak Video Challenge Winner is…

Jessica Yu from Calgary (print lives internationally too). Here is the winning idea:

– Two people are in a car/limo.

Envelopes, business cards are everywhere and they’re both sketching furiously on envelopes – they’re trying to meet a deadline.

The driver, Paul Strack in a tuxedo, glares at them from the rear-view mirror. He tells the two people about how CustomXM can do that for them: full color envelopes, letterheads, business cards, etc.

One of them gasps and whispers, “CustomXM must get a lot of trophies and prizes!” Paul Strack drums his fingers on the steering wheel and sings, “but it’s not about the awards.”

The two people pull out their phones and do a bit of clicking around and BAM – they’re done! They’ve sent their stuff off to CustomXM. One of them proudly states, “You go, CustomXM!” and high fives the person sitting beside him/her.

Both of their phones vibrate..they’ve both got a text message!

The two people hold their phones side by side – the camera goes for an overhead shot of both their phones and on the phone that’s on the left, it says, in a bright, bold font: “Print.” On the phone that’s on the right hand side: “Lives.”

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