Dixie Cafe increases customer database

Dixie Café is a restaurant chain with 23 locations throughout the mid-south and corporate offices in Little Rock, Arkansas. The chain promotes an image of a “down-home” family style restaurant with a southern theme. Their demographic is family centric with a large percentage of senior citizens.Dixie Cafe was interested in understanding their guests’ habits, including the media and news sources they engaged with. They would use this information to help focus future media campaigns. They also sought to create a customer loyalty campaign by awarding loyal customers with free menu items and coupons.

The solution was to gather valuable “opt-in” data from the customer (name and email address) to create a database for future marketing efforts. Branded cards were distributed by the server with the patrons’ checks.  The card directed the customer to the website with the lure of being eligible for a prize, once there the patron filled out a survey. Upon filling out the information, an email is sent to the customer with a coupon embedded in the email for redemption at the restaurant. Dixie Café also included a coupon on the card itself for patrons who could not access the internet.

“Over the course of this three month program, we added over 2,000 email addresses to our database. Our previous email program only added about 2,500 in two years.” Danny Troillett, Director of Marketing and Guest Relations


Creating Value for Beef O’Bradys Customers

Beef “O” Brady’s is a national restaurant franchise that is based on the concept of providing a neighborhood pub where friends and family can gather to enjoy good food and televised sports in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Our client is a franchisee located in Maumelle, AR in a thriving commercial area.

Beef “O” Brady’s was searching for a cost-effective way to create a “value experience” for the customer to increase customer loyalty, easily obtain customer satisfaction feedback gather valuable”opt-in” data from the customer (i.e. name, address, city, state and email address) to create a database for future marketing efforts, and promote new products offerings via the coupon give-a-ways.

Cards containing a unique URL and login password were distributed to patrons by the restaurant’s servers. The game cards directed the customers to the branded website where they were instructed to complete a questionnaire in order to be eligible for their prize. Upon completion, an email containing the “prize” coupon was automatically sent to the customer. The restaurant owner received immediate email notifications of these visits.

The program was a smashing success with over 27% of the recipients responding to the online inquiry. The restaurant owner immediately gained valuable insight about her business. The data allowed her to determine levels of customer satisfaction, frequency of customer visits, most and least popular aspects of the restaurant, and additional demographic and individual customer contact information to be used in future restaurant promotions. The owner described the program as a valuable and affordable tool for marketing and managing her establishment.

Arkansas Department of Human Services


The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) was participating in the  Arkansas Early Childhood Association Conference. Their goal was to introduce “Better Beginnings,” a new Quality Rating Improvement System for childcare providers. They wanted a campaign that would drive conference attendees to the DHS booth, introduce the new childcare rating system and educate attendees about online resources available to assist them in meeting federal standards for childcare providers. They needed to gather valuable data about the attendees’ knowledge and raise awareness of the new regulations through the list of survey questions.

Utilizing CustomXM’s interactive tools, attendees of the conference were given printed cards encouraging them to visit the DHS booth and access a survey via either a unique URL or a QR code. 900 cards were printed and handed out to attendees. 282 people visited the booth and completed the survey, which resulted in a 31.3% response rate from the survey of attendees. DHS learned that there was a great need to educate childcare givers.

Arkansas Democrat Gazette uses pURLS to up subscriptions

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette is a daily newspaper reaching more than 600,000 people throughout the state. It is the oldest newspaper west of the Mississippi River.

The newspaper was losing approximately 3,500 subscriptions per month. They were looking for a strategy to encourage these former subscribers to come back to the paper and renew their subscriptions. Their previous efforts at static direct mail were returning less than a 1% success rate.

Utilizing CustomXM’s integrated cross-media campaign tools, postcards with PURLs (Personalized URLs) were sent to a database of dropped subscribers, encouraging them to go to a microsite where they could register for a grand prize and re-subscribe.

The campaign ran for three months. A response was considered someone who renewed their subscription.

  • July 2010 – 1.5% response rate
  • August 2010 – 2.0% response rate
  • September 2010 – 2.0% response rate

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette was very happy with results, especially considering the difficult audience that was being targeted – people who had already said “no” to the paper