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Last year, thanks to social media in general, and Twitter specifically, we were able to produce a very attractive wall calendar that featured photographs provided by many of our Twitter friends.  Beautiful shots from around Little Rock and Central Arkansas were featured each month, as were those funny little things called QR codes.  (Have we really been talking about QR codes for over a year now?) And evidently, you guys set the bar pretty high, as I am pleased to report that last year’s calendar won theBest of Category Award in the annual PIAS print awards competition.

Well, it’s that time to begin preparing for the 2011 calendar, and we need your help again. Since we are all so focused on being connected, and since we use this connectivity to improve the way we communicate, the 2011 calendar will have Communication as the theme.  Think about photos you have taken, or will take, that remind you of how you communicate.  Is it that old telephone booth on the corner? (Do those still exist?) Is it a favorite text message, or even tweet, that you have saved?  Maybe its children playing with two tin cans tied together with a string.  Be literal, or be conceptual, but be creative.

As we did last year, all who submit photos will receive a free calendar.  But because we have set a precedent with an “award winning” calendar, we are really getting serious.  Okay, maybe not that serious. But since we do anticipate a larger response, we will actually have some professional photographers assisting us in determining which photos will be included.

To submit your photos, simply email them to me at [email protected].  Please be sure to include your name and phone number.  There is no rush, but please hurry. Deadline for photo submission is Sunday, November 14th.

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