Ben Franklin is my favorite Founding Father. After all, he was a Printer, an Inventor, a Statesman, an Author, a Scientist, a Humorist, a Postmaster and a Diplomat. But mostly, he was a Printer.  It almost said this on his tombstone.

Much of what I learned of Ben is through the biography by Walter Isaacson. But my first truly accurate historical introduction was through the movie musical, 1776.  In the scene below, you can see his passion for our favorite seasonal bird, the Turkey:

Upon further research, this story is more legend than fact. Franklin actually had no real role in determining what would comprise our national seal, unless you consider the above film clip to be a documentary. This myth arose when Franklin wrote a letter to his daughter that criticized the use of an eagle symbol in a Military Society seal. Franklin suggests that he likes that the Society’s eagle resembles a turkey because the turkey is a more respectable bird.

So as we gather around with our family and friends to feast on this “more respectable bird,” we can be thankful that we are not devouring our national symbol. We are thankful that movies portray accurate depictions of historical events, and that the internet continues to be a viable source of fact.  (Interested in more thanksgiving myths? )

What is no myth on this occasion is that I am thankful. I am thankful for the business relationship we share, and I am always thankful for one of your most valuable gifts – your time.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

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Paul Strack