APRIL 1, 2016

Local Printing Company Announces the Perfection of Invisible Ink

CustomXM, currently celebrating 50 years of putting ink on paper, as well as other places that should not be mentioned, announced today the completion of a nearly five decade quest – Invisible ink for the masses.

Often found only as a novelty item in comic books that you would Marvel at, usually located in DC, this newest innovation brings to reality an idea that is sure to cause many a blank stare.

When asked about the benefits of this breakthrough technology, Paul Strack, President of CustomXM, indicated that it will have an immediate positive impact on his company’s bottom line. “While the initial set-up may take longer, we’ve experienced a significant reduction in our reprints and re-dos.”  Strack went onto say that ink-related imperfections, often known as “hickeys” in the industry, now go undetected to the naked eye.  He also commented that typographical errors will soon become a memory, much like the printed newspaper.  Strack did reluctantly admit that sometimes they may accidentally print on the incorrect side of the paper, but in almost all situations, the customer has yet to notice.

Examples of invisible ink on a variety of stock sizes and shapes.

Examples of invisible ink on a variety of stock sizes and shapes.

Graphic designers are singing the praises of this new level of transparency within their industry. One artist, who wished to remain anonymous and only go by the code name “Casper,” commented that invisible ink does take care of one continuous thorn in her sides – bleeds. “With invisible ink, we no longer have to deal with bleeds in design. Heck, most customers don’t even know what a bleed is anyway, so my life is much easier.”

Marketers are impressed as well. Whitey Lennon, a Little Rock PR specialist, loves the idea. “Initially, clients may not get their messaging just right. They always start off being too wordy. But if they stare at the content printed with invisible ink, they end up walking away in disbelief.”

CustomXM has also expanded the invisible ink production capabilities into its wide format and die cutting operations as shown in these photos.

IMG_2602 IMG_2599 IMG_2598

When asked about the potential longevity of this latest breakthrough for CustomXM, Strack commented that it will most likely disappear after April 1.

Happy Friday and Happy April Fool’s Day!

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Paul Strack