It’s The Thought That Counts

Written by Paul Strack
[email protected]

It’s the thought that counts…right??

Enough has been said, written, posted and broadcast about how this year is different. The words challenging, unprecedented, and the new normal have become all too common in our conversations. One thing, however; has not changed. We all have experienced situations, either on a personal or professional level, where there is a need to show gratitude. A need exists to simply say, “Thank you.”

While that gesture itself often sounds easy to accomplish, we in the business world continue to find ways to muck it up. We occasionally waste time, resources, or money that may do more damage to the relationship we are trying to build.

But not to worry, we are here to help! In scouring the internet for the worst tokens of thanks ever received, we have compiled a list of ways NOT to say ‘Thank you.’ This year is messed up enough. Let’s not repeat some of these mistakes:

Food Fails
We all love to try new foods during the holiday season, right? Uhm, maybe not. Or at least not these…

  • Quail from a boss’s hunting trip. Just remember – Quail = Fail
  • A quart of milk. Ok, Chocolate milk may be one thing, but 2% or skim? Hard pass. Moo = boo.
  • Melted chocolate coins. This may imply that un-melted chocolate coins are fine, but no. Gold coins? Yes!
  • Old stale cookies. Nope, not even if you combine them with the quart of milk listed above.

Personal Care Product Fails
PPE has been a necessary and hot item this year. And yes, we are immensely thankful for those behind
the masks doing their part. But let’s refrain from giving these personal safety gifts:

  • A seat belt cutter. Nothing tells a client or team member “Thanks for All You Do” like a tool that allows them to escape from a vehicle before it is submerged in a creek bed.
  • A tourniquet. Even though hugs are still forbidden, this doesn’t pass as an option to put the squeeze on someone.

Self-Improvement Tools
This seems like a no-brainer. Does a self-help book really send the message of “thank you for being you?” Even so, let’s not give these:

  • A book on How to Be Better at Your Job. If you give this one, expect to receive it back on the next holiday. or sooner.
  • Any Diet Book. Unless of course, it contains the benefits of a diet consisting of stale cookies and a quart of milk.

This list could be never-ending as little research yields a potpourri of undesirable gift ideas. Oh, and by the way, maybe don’t give potpourri either.

But don’t let these bad ideas discourage you from finding ways to show your gratitude. A note card or even a heartfelt “Thank You” still strongly conveys the sincere message. Especially during these unprecedented times.

And from all of us at CustomXM – We sincerely THANK YOU for letting us be a part of your organization. Wishing you the best for this upcoming holiday season. Stay Safe!

Ps – we would be remiss if we didn’t offer some legitimate gift ideas – please check out the links included in this guide for some great ideas!

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