Yet Another COVID-19 Update

Written by Paul Strack
[email protected]

Have these past few weeks not been the longest year ever? At the risk of repeating many things you’ve already seen or read, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you:
  • Thank you. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for your patience.
  • Yes, we are open.
  • Yes, we are practicing social distancing – we have lots of space at our facility.
  • Yes, we have reduced some staff hours and some are working from home.
  • Yes, we are monitoring, cleaning, wiping things down, and sneezing into our elbows.
  • Thank you.
During these uncharted times, I’ve been trying to find the right balance between keeping our doors open, our staff paid, doing what is right for the community, and maintaining cash flow. It’s difficult. But we are doing the best we can.To that end, here are a few initiatives we have implemented:
  • We have offered the printing of FREE banners to restaurants in our area. The response has been overwhelming. As of this morning, we have assisted over 50 local restaurants.
  • We’ve recently launched a line of coronavirus signs for workplaces. As part of this initiative, we are making all of our coronavirus sign and COVID-19 poster art files free to download for print and distribution. From “Social Distancing” signage to “Wash Your Hands” graphics, coronavirus signs remind people to follow the recommendations from leading health organizations and help to stop the spread of coronavirus. Signs also promote new “Take-Out Only” or “Free Delivery” services, as businesses quickly work to adapt to rapidly changing guidelines.
Files are available for download in PDF format. The free coronavirus signs are sized 8.5-in wide x 11-in tall for easy desktop printing HERE.
  • We recently sent out information about hand sanitizer supplies. We currently have supplies available. Some have a two week lead time; others have a two month lead time. And pricing varies.
  • Recently, I became aware that some of our suppliers do have disposable surgical masks available. These are NOT the N95 version. They are cloth, disposable masks. I debated whether or not to promote these, in light of the current shortages. We currently cannot afford to purchase and stockpile, nor can we afford to purchase and donate (which would be our preference.) But, in the event your company is interested in purchasing these masks, I will be happy to provide you with that information.
  • Lastly, as we posted earlier in the week, we all need a distraction during these self-quarantined times. Take a look at our Social Distancing Bore Buster Kits and Postcards from Home. If you have confined friends, relatives or children, these would make a great gift. Each Bore Buster kit purchased provides at least 5 meals to the Arkansas Foodbank.Thank you again. More than ever, we appreciate you. Please take care.-Paul

How we‘ve adjusted to our clients’ Coronavirus needs