Promo Product Trends for 2020

mstrack bubbleWritten by Michael Strack
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Earlier this month we traveled to Fort Worth for this year’s first major show in the region for new promotional products. Each year this show brings in over 500 suppliers to display their exciting new wares to us, so that we can pass them along to you! A few major themes emerged at this years show, with emphases on sustainability,  unique apparel, and practical usage. Read on to learn about some of our favorite discoveries, and check the slideshow at the bottom for a peek of even more!

Sustainable products manufactured using reclaimed wheat stalks.

Going Green

One of the major themes we noticed this year was a heavy focus on green products and sustainability. Almost every supplier had at least one new product that was recyclable, made from recycled materials, or manufactured with the environmental impact in mind. Our favorite find from this category was a line of drinkware made from reclaimed wheat stalks. Not only does this wheat straw mixture cuts down on the amount of plastic used in manufacturing, the process also gives the finished product a unique speckled pattern and is available in a variety of soft “earthy” color tones. And it doesn’t stop there; the extensive product line includes mugs, pens, lip balm, eating utensil kits, food containers, and more!

These products and others like it are a great way to leave an impression you can be proud of. Sustainability is at the forefront of many consumers minds today and there is no better way to grab their attention than with an item that shows you are conscious of our impact on the environment.

Sustainable products manufactured using reclaimed wheat stalks.

Say It With Style

Branded apparel has long been one of the most prevalent and effective forms of promotion. Caps in particular have some of the highest impression rates in the industry. While apparel is abundant at every show, a few things that especially stuck out to us this year were caps with patches, customized collars & hoods, and customized socks.

  • According to our suppliers, caps with patches have been their best selling products this cycle. Vibrant and bold, this style stands out from other decoration methods and can really turn an otherwise boring logo into an eye-catching statement.
  • Custom collars and hoods have been around for a few years, but the real breakthrough this year was in the low minimums now available. Where you used to see minimums of 75 and above, we now have the ability to offer unique collar and hood designs in many different styles at minimums of just 24!
  • Custom socks are one of our all-time favorite products. Clients have raved to us about the reactions they get from recipients. Out of everything we offer, socks are a certified hit every time. It appears that suppliers have caught on as well, because it was hard to look in any direction without seeing a new sock option! Even better, this popularity has lead to more affordable and lower minimum options for woven designs compared to direct-printed designs.

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