A New Normal for Restaurants

(And the rest of us, too)

Written by Paul Strack
[email protected]

We are getting used to it, whether we like it or not. Curbside service, carryout or contactless delivery – our favorite food is still quite tasty, but the presentation just isn’t what it used to be. Food is delivered in a plain paper bag. Inside we receive the usual generic packaging with plain white boxes for rice, BBQ, pasta or other delicacies. Rarely is there mention of the name of the restaurant that supplied the food. Anywhere. If I didn’t place the order myself, I may not have any idea where the culinary delight came from.

Restaurant owners don’t intentionally omit the name of their restaurant or products during this time of new normal, but I do see this as a potential lost opportunity for them. Here are a few ideas we suggest to keep satisfied diners coming back for more:

We recommend that a restaurant owner should put these items in every delivery order that goes out the door:

  • Business card
  • Menu
  • Coupon for dine-in

These simple practices can help restaurant owners in several areas:

  • Increase name and brand recognition – which remains even more critical during this time.
  • Educate or remind the social distancing diner of the restaurant’s location.
  • If I happen to be sharing my meal with friends or family (from a safe distance) the information included will help the restaurant remain top-of-mind when they are making future dining plans.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Often, it’s the repetition of the little things that can yield the greatest results. Remember, these same tips may not apply to restaurants only – think how they can apply to you!

Now I’m hungry – so get out there and support your favorite restaurant.
Stay Safe!

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