At CustomXM, we believe in the power of print to make a difference. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new monthly program, Printing for A Purpose. It’s our way of giving back to the community that has supported us since our beginning in 1966.

Here’s how it works: Nonprofit organizations (Arkansas located, 501(c)3 organizations) can apply once per calendar year by submitting this web form or by filling out & returning the PDF application to CustomXM via email or in person. On the last day of each month, we’ll select one lucky winner at random. The chosen nonprofit will be awarded $500 worth of printed products, completely free of charge! Plus, we’ll apply a 15% nonprofit discount to any printing costs exceeding the initial $500 grant.

But here’s the catch—the winner must submit their printed items by the 15th of the following month to ensure completion by month-end. Items submitted after the 15th will forfeit the $500 awarded grant. And to spread the love, each organization is eligible to win only once per year.

“Printing for A Purpose” is our way of supporting your impactful work. We can’t wait to see how these printed materials will empower your mission and make a lasting difference in our community.

Cheers to your continued success!

Return completed application and proof of 501(c)3 status to [email protected]
fill out the web form on this page.

Previous Winners

October 2023 ACLU of Arkansas
November 2023 Arkansas Repertory Theatre
December 2023 Timothy Hill Ranch
January 2024 Youth Home Inc.
February 2024 UrbanPromise Arkansas

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