Seal Solar – A Bright Future Ahead

Written By: Clayton Ellis
[email protected]

Recently, we celebrated Seal Solar’s re-branding ceremony. Seal Solar focuses on solar powered energy, and they have completed over 230 projects for their business – ranging from residential, commercial, and agricultural. Seal began operations in 2012, where they started constructing and installing solar panels. With recent business partnerships, Seal has been able to combine their experience with other businesses for large-scale projects, some of these including local Arkansas farmers! With increased investment in solar energy in the upcoming years, Seal Solar will continue to thrive!

We were proud to be a part of Seal Solar’s re-branding process.  With a short timeline, we provided products that really stand out and emulate cutting edge characteristics centered around solar energy.

Our Challenge:

For any local marketing campaign, consistent, vibrant branding is critical. Seal Solar asked us to incorporate their new branding into a variety of marketing tools and products. In addition to providing attractive, quality promotional products, our biggest challenge was centered around the short time frame. We had quite a bit of exciting items to produce, and the big event was less than 2 weeks away.

What We Created:

Retractable Banner

We started off by designing a bold, attractive, and attention-grabbing banner to showcase what Seal Solar is all about! Once the background picture and message were created, we then brought in the updated Seal Solar logo on the bottom, creating a nice contrast. A retractable banner is ideal for indoor events like open houses, grand openings, trade shows and of course, a new brand launch.

Window and Interior Graphics

Windows offer great real estate for showcasing a brand. In addition to providing information such as office hours and services offered, window graphics will be sure to catch the eyes of anyone that walks by!


We all know how cool company apparel is, so we provided some new embroidered polo’s for Seal Solar! Seal selected a dark grey color to really make the logo pop. The polo’s were made of a micro-fiber polyester, making it a comfortable and flexible fit, perfect for working on those outdoor solar projects.

Table Cover

To provide a warm welcome for attendees, we created a table cover to display all the Seal swag! The cover is a perfect fit and is an attention-grabber! It he was conveniently placed by their front office.

Pens, Tumblers, and Print

And we couldn’t forget these items. They represent the company brand so well, and more importantly, they will be USED by the recipient. Giveaways to all attendees to the event included pens, water bottles, and company business cards. The business cards are unique in size and carry a sleek design. These items serve as great take-home pieces.

It’s always a pleasure working with Seal Solar, and we are proud to be a close partner!

For all your solar energy needs, give Seal Solar a visit.

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