Make (Zoom) Meetings Engaging Again

Written by Paul Strack
[email protected]

After nearly a year of virtual meetings, conferences, webinars, interviews and even celebration of family holidays, we have become too familiar with Zoom (and other remote) meetings.  These are functional. They can be efficient. And often, they are practical. But are they engaging?

We were recently posed with the question on what can we do to make remote meetings a little more interactive?  Remember the good ole days of live, in-person events when we’d have “ice breakers” to get folks involved. Yeah, I hated those too, but they did serve their purpose.

So how do we create that energy, that group activity, or even that initial awkwardness when we are connected remotely, yet separately?

Here are a few ideas:

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Online baking classes are not new, but what about a group bake-off via Zoom. With the InstaCake in a Card, your attendees are sent everything needed to make a celebration cake in minutes! All they need is water and a microwave! Imagine the Zoom host starting the timer, and all attendees open, prepare, cook and even taste-test their creations live and online!

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Group painting classes have continued to grow in popularity.  A relatively small gathering of people follows the instructions of the artists, while sometimes imbibing in their favorite beverage. The result is everyone has their own artistic creation to proudly display at home. With the Paint Set and Coffee Mug kit, your attendees can let their inner artist shine too. This kit includes a four-page paint set and a vacuum insulated coffee mug that holds up to 12 oz. of your favorite liquid. Or better yet, we can create your own art template (maybe it’s a drawing of a campus, or a favorite board member) and all can paint the same image together. Either way, it will add a sense of togetherness and camaraderie to your remote event.

Puzzle Me This

Breakout sessions or group contests are a given at in-person events. But how do you create that energy via an online meeting? A jigsaw puzzle with a full color custom imprint is a great alternative. Imagine having all attendees at the ready. On your mark, they open the pieces and it’s a race against time, or each other, to see who completes the puzzle first. The completed picture could be a full color image of a new product, a favorite campus building, hidden messages, or a promo code.  And the payoff is that attendees are truly in attendance when completing the puzzle.

Remote meetings will be with us for a while. Student admissions, campus visits, sales meetings, motivational conferences, or informational webinars need a little spice to engage your audience, we can help.