8 Retro Promo Products to Bring You Back

Original article written by Betty Anderson
SAGE Marketing Content Writer

Promotional products have been around, at least in the United States, since the 1700s, with some of the first promotional items being campaign buttons for George Washington. But there wasn’t an industry for it, not until Jasper Meek, a printer in Ohio, paired with a local shoe supply store to give kids book bags with their shoe purchases. Then in 1904, PPAI was founded, giving the industry its first trade association.

Promotional products took off in the 70s when companies began to realize that they needed more than print advertising or an occasional giveaway to stand out among the crowd of competitors. These brands knew that word of mouth was a powerful tool but soon found that putting advertising into literal hands was even more influential. And boy, did some unique – and classic – products crop up over the years.

Here are eight retro promotional products that might bring a little inspiration and nostalgia to you.