Warm Winter Fuzzies from Ouachita Baptist University

Written by Paul Strack
[email protected]

Winter break for college students is normally a lengthy vacation. I recall I always enjoyed the downtime, the home cooked meals, and the holiday. But I fondly remember that when it was time to start the spring semester, I was more than ready to return to campus.

But when you add to that break, a pandemic that includes remote classes that began weeks or months before the Holiday break, the time away from campus can seem like an eternity.

Ouachita Baptist University (OBU) was keenly aware of this long break. “Due to the pandemic, we changed our semester schedules which made our break much longer than it is typically,” said Tyler Rosenthal, OBU Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing, adding:

“To show our students that we were thinking about them, and were excited for them to come back, we mailed them a Ouachita-branded winter care package.”

This winter care package consisted of an OBU Beanie, an OBU branded packet of hot cocoa, and a note from the University President.

In addition to the creative input for this project, CustomXM produced or sourced the pieces included in the packet, along with the  OBU – purple padded mailer. It was a complete turnkey project as CustomXM handled the kitting, labeling, and mailing of all 2000 packages.

Tyler noted that this project was a huge hit among the students:

“they loved receiving the gifts from their university, and it created a fun buzz among the students and on social media.”

Student Mallory Morris expressed her appreciation for the care package:

“After such a long Christmas break, it was such a nice surprise to receive a fun gift in the mail from Ouachita. I loved wearing my Ouachita Beanie and I can’t wait to hopefully wear it to some football games one day as an alum!”

So, the next time you need ideas and assistance in sending some “warm fuzzies” to your audience, let us help you market smarter.